2016_11_08_Absentee Data

Absentee Statistical Reports

Reports will contain cumulative statistics through the date indicated on the file name.

Absentee Voter Lists

Absentee Voter Lists will only contain the voters on the day specified in the file name. The first list will contain all voters who returned an absentee ballot on or before October 20th, 2016.

Daily One Stop Totals:

Thursday,10/20/2016     1177

Friday, 10/21/2016      1020

Saturday, 10/22/2016       428

Monday, 10/24/2016      1071

Tuesday, 10/25/2016       955

Wednesday, 10/26/2016      882

Thursday, 10/27/2016      800

Friday, 10/28/2016       827

Saturday, 10/29/2016     468

Every effort will be made to update files soon after close of business but no later than 24 hours after of the close of business for the specified day.